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Our collaboration provides superior divorce guidance and effective resolution of parenting issues in the North, South and West metro areas. Select one of us based on location or specialized needs. We each offer a FREE one hour consultation to help you determine which of us will best meet your needs. We are 100% committed to providing top-quality, affordable, respectful, and fair services.


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Jeff Johnson


(952) 401-7599

“Think of me as your Coach, providing the information you will need to make fully informed decisions for you and your family. We will work together to attack issues, not people, and come up with solutions that allow you to move forward quickly and efficiently.”

Jeff is passionate about helping people in conflict. Jeff’s father was killed when Jeff was 4, his mother and step father divorced when he was 18, and his 1st marriage ended in divorce after 24 years of marriage. Yet, if you asked him, he would tell you he has had a great life. Jeff uses his positive attitude and experiences to guide couples through the emotional and legal process of their unique situation and come up with solutions that work for both of them.

Jeff is remarried and has blended two children from his first marriage and three children from his second marriage. Jeff leverages his knowledge of the legal system and emotional process along with life experiences to help couples in conflict focus on their future and achieve their dreams.





Location: West Metro
Contact: Jeff Johnson
Phone: (952) 401-7599

Johnson Mediation, LLC
7965 Stone Creek Dr.
Unit #10
Chanhassen, MN 55317



Amber Serwat


(952) 252-1492

“I am passionate about helping you through your divorce without destroying your ability to parent or breaking the bank. With my assistance you can create a fair and workable settlement which allows you to leave the chaos behind and move forward.”

Amber provides superior professional divorce and parenting services which are informative, non-judgmental, compassionate and affordable. Her client-centered process empowers individuals to create fair and reasonable agreements which satisfy their unique needs and circumstances.

As a divorced parent of two children and a step-parent, Amber is uniquely qualified to provide divorce and parenting services for conflicted parents. She has walked a similar path, shared similar frustrations, felt similar concerns and fears. She experienced a costly and highly adversarial divorce and its negative impact on parenting. She’s used mediation and hired a Parenting Consultant. Amber and her parenting partner transformed their high conflict relationship into an effective and cooperative parenting partnership and she knows how to help you succeed too. Real success is possible – it takes hard work, dedication and some solid professional assistance.

Location: South Metro
Contact: Amber Serwat, MA
Email: amber@amsmediationplus.com
Phone: (952) 252-1492

Amber M. Serwat Mediation

1500 McAndrews Road West, Suite 224,
Burnsville, MN 55337


Jill Goldstein


(763) 383-8986

“I am your guide through the mediation process assisting you in making your decisions a reality. Working together we can avoid the expense and emotional toll of the often adversarial judicial system.”

Jill is passionate about the mediation process. Having had personal experience with a lengthy, emotional and costly litigated divorce, she is dedicated to keeping families out of the courtroom. Jill has several years of counseling experience which was the catalyst for her career in mediation. After referring countless couples to the mediation process, Jill observed that couples came to a quick and peaceful resolution because the process was based on self-determination and was managed with the clients and their children as the main focus. Jill is passionate about assisting individuals in making their own divorce decisions and helping families plan their future. Couples who are focused and committed to the mediation process will find Jill to be their advocate in developing their own standard of fairness and crafting a creative resolution that feels fair to both.



 Location: North Metro
Contact: Jill E. Goldstein
Email: jill@mediationmn.com
Phone: (763) 383-8986

Goldstein Mediation
7078 East Fish Lake Road
Maple Grove, MN 55311